Recently I wrote about what an energy medicine session actually does.


Which prompts the question, how often should I have a session?

There is no ‘typical’ frequency for sessions when one is ‘dealing’ with something or working through something, but for most people, the standard answer to this question would be ‘about once a month’, however, if you are processing something, if you are dealing with some ingrained trauma, or have a strong symptom you would like to relieve yourself of, you may find that more frequent sessions would suit you.

For some people sessions are best spaced a week apart, for some a fortnight, for some a month and for some it’s a one off or a ‘couple of times a year’ experience. The more sessions you have, the more regularly you  have them, is no indication of the fact that you can’t cope, the fact that you are not progressing, or that you are not ‘as good’, ‘as strong’ or ‘as sovereign/independent’ as someone who has less regular sessions.  It is simply a reflection of what you personally are shifting, what you are working through, how in depth you want to go with that and how swiftly you want to move with it.

You are a dynamic mix of energies, frequencies, programs, belief systems and emotions that are unique to you.  How you move through them, resolve them, dissolve them and heal from them into a space of greater sovereignty, greater joy and happiness and greater physical vitality will depend upon what they are, how attached to them as real and reality you are, and how much effort, focus and presence you reclaim in the process of awakening and reinstalling the true I AM as the apex being in your life.

Which is to say, the process is a reawakening of the self, the self as a clean and clear being without the imprinting of society, family and friends etc that detour you from being who you truly are with joy, ease and happiness.  The time this takes varies greatly with the individual, but as it unfolds you will notice more peace, more calm, more joy and more presence in your life – so the journey is just as beneficial as the outcome.  Some might even say, there is no outcome, there is only the journey!

As a side note, not all ‘imprinting’ is bad, some of it is life saving, some of it is so nourishing to you and so fundamental to your understanding of life and the self that you may not wish to shift it.  That’s ok too, it’s all a journey of personal choice and personal preference, but, if you are in pain, then you are the one who needs to acknowledge that and address it.  It is resonates with you, then what I do is an option to address it.

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