The way that the energy sessions tend to work is that when I work with people I kind of clean out, rearrange and align the body and energy systems allowing your body, heart and mind to gain clarity and knowingness, without the confusion of the distortion from congestion. The congestion can come from many things, dramas, traumas, wounds, food, beliefs, activities, behaviours, non-behaviours etc

It’s a little bit like this; your body knows it can heal itself and regain sovereignty, but it is constantly bombarded with misinformation or distortion (from the past and present, stored in you and also integrated by you day-to-day) and so it forgets the recipe for how to heal itself.  My role is to go into the ‘mess’ and tidy things up, then give the body the recipe for how to create the desired state – with the recipe is a list of ingredients.

Then I give you personal tools to work with, now that the body has the recipe and ingredients list, and so over the next few days, weeks, years you will have epiphanous ideas, dreams, spontaneous desires, feelings, thoughts etc and these are the body gathering together the ingredients list to complete the recipe and ‘bake the cake’ – which is the desired outcome you are looking for.

You may also find that things that you’ve found difficult before, like avoiding sugar, suddenly become a lot easier, due to the balance brought back to the system – which kind of clears the fog and allows the body and brain to start responding with more clarity.

The other thing I do is assess what’s going on and give you the information your body is trying to tell you. So, for example, if you are constantly craving a certain type of food, and you are not enjoying it’s effects, then my role would be to decipher what the body is missing or processing, that is causing the craving.  This may then result in some advice and herbal remedies for cleaning up your liver (for instance).

So, the solutions post session are sometimes physical (a supplement), sometimes emotional (a relaxation technique) and sometimes spiritual (a prayer/revocation for sovereignty) – most times the solutions are a mix of all of these, and are used to enhance, integrate and extrapolate from the session itself.

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