Pure Care Wellness

Creating reality through Vibration and Resonance

Here to help you resonate with your chosen reality, refreshing and

revitalizing your vibration, enabling you to create your desired outcome!

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Skype 30min Session

A short Skype session using energy reading skills, techniques and frequencies to help you reconnect with your peace, joy and hope.  If you are feeling fearful, unhappy, uncertain or just doubtful of your life getting better this is the session to try.

Remote Session

A full remote session is an energy session conducted on you wherever you are in the world via the etheric connection.  It may include a Skype contact (if required) and is followed up with an email that will give you feedback regarding what the session entailed.  

Clinic Session

A full session in the clinic room situation in Perth, Western Australia.  During a session we assess your current situation followed by a full energy realignment or specific targeted energy session (as appropriate).  


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