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Self Responsibility

Self Responsibility

Dealing with contracts, belief systems and/or programs around any issue or impediment starts with recognizing that an impediment exists, taking...

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Money and Timing

Money and Timing

Following on from the last article about contracts, I was asked to give you an example of efficiently dealing with one of the many contracts that...

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Email Reading

A reading of your energies, higher self and light bodies bringing through the most current information about the attitudes or beliefs that are limiting your ability to be more of who you really are.

Intuitive Resonance Counselling

A counseling session held over Skype, where you can share your issues and concerns, with the objective of igniting the frequency to bring you into resonance with your ideal life.  These sessions offer clearings, tools, tips and techniques to move beyond your stuckness.

Healing Sessions

A full session remote or in the clinic room situation in Perth, Western Australia.  During a session we assess your current situation followed by a full or targeted energy realignment (as appropriate).

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