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to help you revitalize your outlook and co-create your own success!

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How Energy Medicine Works

How Energy Medicine Works

The way that the energy sessions tend to work is that when I work with people I kind of clean out, rearrange and align the body and energy systems...

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Why Do I Need Energy Sessions?

Why Do I Need Energy Sessions?

A lot of clients wonder such things as; "If I have to do all the homework why would I need to have a session?  Doesn't it mean I'm doing the work,...

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Video Session

A video session is for when you can't make it into the clinic but want a 'face to face' type session rather than a full remote.

Frequency Bath

A Frequency Bath is your opportunity to reset – this is the ultimate in relaxation. It is 45minutes of ‘you time’ bathed in the resonances and frequencies of energy and sound to deeply relax you, cleanse your system and bring you back to centre, peace and calmness.

Clinic/Remote Sessions

A full session remote or in the clinic room situation in Perth, Western Australia.  During a session we assess your current situation followed by a full or targeted energy realignment (as appropriate).

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