Appointment Types

Healing Session

Healing sessions are guidance and energy sessions to bring you back to balance and understanding. They can be experienced via video, in-person or remotely. Each session uses kinesiology, frequency and energy to return alignment and balance to your system allowing you the opportunity to heal and have revealed to the self the root causes of your undesirable experiences.
For more information please email ( or book your session using the button below (once payment is made someone will contact you to set up your appointment – current wait time are about 2-3 weeks).

Journey Session

A Journey Session is a video session taking you on a guided journey to your past, present or future (as appropriate) to discover your impediments and potentials, discovering who you really are and what lies at the root of your detour from your dream life and how to heal it.  Defeat the distractions and detours and remember what you came here to do and who you really are!

You can be told who you are, and you can be told about your past and future lives, but when you connect with it personally it is like the difference between seeing a painting of a beautiful scene and actually walking through that beautiful scene and experiencing all the colours, the sounds the smells the friendships the love and the joys of that beautiful scene. So, it is always more profound, more life changing, more uplifting and healing to do this yourself.  this is the purpose of a Journey Session.

Frequency Bath

A Frequency Bath is designed to be held in the clinic but can be done remotely or by video, as per your choice. It involves little to no coaching, talking or feedback and is more targeted at the de-stressing and harmonizing of your energies and system allowing you to experience peace. This process puts you in the driver’s seat and helps you find clarity, relaxation, your own solutions, epiphanies and ideas.  A Frequency Bath helps you unlock your own creativity and inspiration allowing you to once again be present and empowered in the self.

What Session Do I Need?


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