About Me

About Me

Hi there!

My name is Jodi and I live in Perth, Western Australia.  I have been working as an Energy Medicine Practitioner for many years (about 16 years!) and during that time have learned some pretty amazing stuff about the human and the world we live in.  Through my work, I like to share this information allowing you to be more in charge of your own life and choices.

The ‘Technical’ Stuff 🙂

During the last 15 years I have studied many modalities, including, but not limited to:

ITA Tier 1&2 Practitioner – Licensed ITA Course Facilitator – Cert IV Kinesiology – Level 3 Adv EFT – Liquid Crystal Practitioner – Neural Organisation Technique Module I & II – Kinetic Energen – Theta Healing DNA I & II – Resonance Alchemy 

I’ve found each one of them had something to offer, but have also found that following only one protocol is limiting.  Life is dynamic and so is the seeking human! 

I work with many guides, guardians, angels and unseen helpers (some of whom are consistent and some change depending upon the client I’m working with) and over the years have been shown some very targeted, unique and powerful ways to heal the body through the cell.  It turns out that I’m not so great at sticking to the one protocol, but I am great at seeing the truth and blending what’s known with what’s unknown, bringing clarity and igniting something new for you!

I have taken parts of each of these protocols and combined them with my natural ability to work with the quantum DNA and cells to create a way of offering my clients a resonance and vibration alteration activating the potential to propel them forward into a new way of being – resulting in life changes such as healing, success, happiness and prosperity.

I’m always being shown new and more complete ways for the human to heal and integrate body, mind and soul, and I’d love to share that with you through a session or reading if you are ready to try something new.

My Aim

I use philosophies and understandings about the way the universe and reality works, reading the energy and body, connecting with those in the unseen, an understanding of the way the male/female mind works and our human interactions with life and others, to help my clients recognise and see their patterns, belief systems and creations (or their role in their creations) that are causing them such angst and harm.  Using energy medicine and cellular activations I then aid my clients in balancing them out of the system and their lives, so that the person now has the freedom to create the reality they desire and move forward with life.

I believe the best way to grow and be healthy is to allow. It’s time to start noticing ourselves again, start noticing our bodies again – they are the portal to your greater life, a greater understanding and to the multi-dimensional You.  The balanced harmonised, cleansed and cleared body knows long before the mind does, and the soul knows even before that!

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Address: PO Box 494, Mount Hawthorn  WA  6016

Phone: 0418 602 012

Business Hours: M-F 9am to 5.00pm

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