Downgrading Your Manifestation or Creation

Have you ever tried to manifest a change in your life and downgraded it because it seemed too big a task?

Like you want, let’s say, ‘fabulous success’, or maybe ‘millions of dollars’, but instead of asking for that you ask for ‘enough to pay my bills’ – the ‘I don’t need that much syndrome that a lot of spiritual people suffer from is rife and keeping you small!  it is very common for other humans to tell you that if you are truly spiritual you don’t want money, and material things – this is an old paradigm of asceticism, where the deprivation, service and sacrifice created a knowingness of spirituality or God if you will.  I’ll release more information on this concept in a future post, but, for now, let me tell you what the new energy is introducing to you.

Who You Really Are

The truth is, you are the end result of a direct stream of step down consciousness from Original Source, Original Consciousness, or God if that is your preferred term. You are the physicalized version of Divinity, created and incarnated to experience aspects of divinity so that God or Source or Consciousness of Divinity (or whatever term you choose to use) can experience itself.  By this extrapolation, can you see that nothing you desire is ‘too much’?  Nothing you desire is ‘not allowed’ – because it’s all just aspects of Divinity experiencing itself!

For example; if you want to be rich, then the thought, or desire, would not occur to you as the extrapolation of Divinity that you are if Consciousness did not want to experience ‘being rich’ through you as an incarnate – it is not shameful or unspiritual to want this!  The reason you want this is because Consciousness desires either the experience of wanting or having it through your incarnated self.

Do you think you were incarnated to suffer?  Do you think you were incarnated to experience nothing but struggles, poverty and debt?  Do you think you were incarnated to be small and insignificant?

I challenge this!

I think you were incarnated to be all the glory you can be and to shine in the immensity of being all that you truly are!

Can you do this from a state of struggle? Poverty? Debt? Doubt? Fear?


So, why is it that we continuously choose to stay small, to be satisfied with less, to believe the myth of scarcity and struggle?

It’s in your DNA

It may surprise you to learn that there is a code in your DNA that overrides your original empowerment and creatorship abilities.  This code basically says ‘no, you don’t have permission for that’ and stops your creation or manifestation in its tracks – or diverts you to a smaller, ‘more manageable’ creation.

We are continuously saying to ourselves;

‘oh, I couldn’t do that…’ or

‘I don’t need that much’ or

‘I don’t want to take it away from anyone else’ or

‘I don’t really know that I deserve that’

or any of a million other reasons we give ourselves for playing small, or not receiving the big miracles in our lives that would change everything for us instantaneously.  If you are genuinely happy with the simple things, then have at it!

However, if you are downgrading your desires and wants because you feel fear around them, or a concern that you ‘couldn’t’ or ‘shouldn’t’ have them – that’s a permission issue!

Our DNA is literally coding us to not feel powerful enough or sovereign enough to ask for, demand and receive what we really want from life itself.  

The lie is, that we do not have permission.

The lie is, that there is not enough.

The lie is, that you cannot do this in case you upset someone or some balance in your life.

There is only you

You are having a singular experience of life where you are the centre of your own creation – all interactions with others are a mutually agreed-upon shared reality and if you become a secondary character in this mutually agreed upon shared reality you are giving away your sovereign right to create your life your way for you!  Which is not judged in any way, if you want to not take the reigns of your own life, your own creation, that’s ok too!  Just recognise that this is what you are doing.

Switching on the Permission

So, the question becomes, how do I gain permission to create at will?  To manifest my dream life?

The easiest way I know is to switch on the permission in the DNA.  Recently I received a geometry that is designed to do just that.  I personally worked with it for just a week and everything in my life started to move – big time!  I now feel very much like I am in a whole new life with a whole new power to create the outcomes I choose!  This one is extremely powerful!  and coupled with the ‘New Now’ geometry issued a couple of weeks ago – boy!  does change happen fast!  Nice one 🙂

These geometries are really easy to work with and are originally designed to induct into your system through the optical – which basically means if you gaze at it for a period of time each day (or many times a day) the shapes, colours and arrangement ignite within the system exactly what needs to be ignited, in the order that it needs to be ignited, to aid you in receiving the highest benefit from the geometry’s purpose.  Each person will have a different experience of the geometry because each person is at a different stage of ‘having permission’ – you may need to view this geometry often or only occasionally, only you will know.

These geometries can also be placed under food, under your water, on the walls about your house, as a screen saver, on your phone, or meditated with – basically you can incorporate them into your daily life in whatever way you feel inspired, and the more you play with it the more it works!

These latest geometries are the most powerful I have brought forth, so, I really encourage you to start playing today!

And have fun 🙂

Flame of Permission – check it out here

The New Now – check it out here

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