P10005_The New Now


A beautiful new geometry designed to ignite a new reality for you now!


A new geometry based upon the trinity aspect of reality and the triangle geometry designed to ignite permission for change within the DNA and creation of something new now in 3D reality.

This is a downloadable product that comes in 7 different sizes/varieties:

  • 30cm x 30cm – Colour version with Text
  • 30cm x 30cm – Colour version without text
  • 30cm x 30cm – Black and White version without text, can be printed on coloured paper
  • A4 Size – Colour version with Text
  • A4 Size – Colour version without Text
  • A4 Size – Black and White version without Text, can be printed on coloured paper
  • Phone Wallpaper size – generically sized to fit most mobile phones


How does it work?

These artworks are designed for induction to the energy system in various ways, the simplest and most obvious being via the visual pathways.  Simply viewing the artwork that you feel most engaged with, and drawn to, will start the necessary ignition within the cells via the visual pathways; simply put, the visual ignites the pineal which in turn sends the resonance through the spinal pathways and from there (via the energetic grid system) to the necessary area in the energy system for that resonance to do its most beneficial ignition.  Other ways to ignite your system with them are really only limited to your intuition and imagination; try placing them under food, around the house, under your water bottle, etc.  Experiment and see what’s possible!


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