Words hold frequency and emanate power, flowing with the potential of creation.

How will you use them?

What will you create?

Look at their origin.  The origin of a word.

Mix them up and use them in different ways.

Look at ancient words, words that have left common parlance.  Why have they left?  What power did they contain?

Words of power.

Words of might.

Words create states of being; hearing them, speaking them, thinking them, planning them.

Play with them.

Your mind thoughts are words too!

There is power in words – especially the words you write and speak for yourself.

Write and speak it into reality.

You are your own mage!

Play with words.

Create with worlds

Words create worlds.

Words and worlds

So intense and interrelated, the forgotten power of words, it is time to reignite it.

Words for worlds.

Speak it into reality.

Write it into reality.

Using frequency and sound to change your world, the world and humanity.

What will you write today?

What will you speak today?

What will you think today?

And how will that change your world

What information are you giving about you to you?

And who are you giving permission to help, or hinder?

What and who is listening to you?

You are!

Speak of love.

Speak of forgiveness.

Speak of welcome.

Speak of homecoming.

Speak of peace and integration.

Of the self.

To the self.

Becoming one.

Become one.

Become whole.

And rest.

Forevermore complete now.

Whole in the now.



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