I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately, stories and awakenings just pouring in en masse at the moment, and it got me thinking.

Why do we write?

Why do we read?

Could there be more power and purpose to writing and reading than just information and entertainment?

This is what flowed from these ruminations with spirit:

“Manifestation comes from within a structure.

Words and language are a form of structure and frequency.

When we write to teach or inform we stifle the expansiveness and opportunity within the structure of words to awaken within us the access to the hidden, to the broken, damaged and disconnected.

When we write to entertain and engage with the expansiveness of telling a tale or sharing ideas, we allow the frequency of the words, and the frequency of the writer, to code the words with ignitions and awakenings for the ready.

The engaged human mind, reading the entertaining word and language structure goes into a type of meditation state that allows the coding of the words presenting, and read, to crack open the hidden and dark aspects, dissolve the stuck points and ignite a new opportunity for healing.

Thus write joyful, happy words as a container of frequency.

Words as the structure, joyful entertainment as the engagement, as the frequency delivers directly into the engaged human mind.  The magic is contained in the frequency of the words delivered to the cell by the engaged human mind.”

It became apparent that in writing I was actually healing myself and offering healing to anyone who read it!  There are some huge and surprising concepts about this type of healing around the timing of when you read it and when it was written, but that is for another day.

Suffice to say, what are you drawn to reading?

Always remember that it is coded with intention and the writer’s frequency, so, know thyself as you read and observe thyself for the changes it brings.

If you read a really great article or story that you feel ignited by, sometimes it is worth reading it out loud to yourself as there is another element, an added layer, to hearing your own voice say powerful words!  This brings the healing power so much deeper and can have the intensity and potency to really shatter some long-held traumas and dramas that limit your growth and awakening.

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