A lot of clients wonder such things as;

“If I have to do all the homework why would I need to have a session?  Doesn’t it mean I’m doing the work, I’m doing the healing?”

Yes, you are doing the healing!  My role is not to heal you – no one can heal you, no matter what they say.  You heal yourself, sometimes with the addition of various substances and sometimes with the information and engagement with various helpers.  I’m a helper, not a healer 🙂 You body is a glorious remarkable self healing machine, you only need the instruction set as to how to heal.  That comes from a doctor or alternative ‘healer’ (who is really a helper not a healer!)

“If I’m supposed to be sovereign, doesn’t that mean I have to deal with all that comes up by myself? If I come see you each time, aren’t I absolving my sovereignty and handing it to you?”

No! When you think like this you are likely to walk away and struggle on alone unnecessarily.  Sovereignty is not ‘sort it out yourself’ it is ‘you have the power and energy to find the solution, so seek the help that resonates with you’.

So, if things are getting hairy and you’re feeling sad, in pain, ill at ease or a bit jumbled, then, rather than struggle on alone, rather that keep it to yourself, use your sovereignty to choose what action to take as the solution for you.

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