You are a divine photonic being of light, living in a hologram made of sound and light.

To incarnate here you need a body, to house your being, or at least part of the being that you really are.

You live within a physical vehicle – the body.  You are not your body, your body is the vehicle that houses you in this reality.

The part of you that is manifest within the body is called various things, but for the purposes of this conversation we shall call it the I AM. This is slightly different to your soul or your higher self or any of the other myriad names you may have heard that refers to the animating spirit of the body.

Essentially nomenclature does not matter and is not worth fighting about.  How this plays out in the temporal world is all that really matters.  Call it what you will, what you have in the end is a physical being that is manifest into a 3D temporal reality and ‘something’ is animating the body.  That something is variously described as electricity, electromagnetic energy, brainwaves, the heart, anima, prana, chi, spirit, the soul, God and so the list goes on.

The more you think about what it is exactly that makes your body move, right down to the very starting point of the actual spark of life for animating the body, the more it becomes clear that it is ineffable.  I mean, right down to the very beginning, the spark of life for the body itself – but where does the spark come from?

So, if we give up the argument as to what it is exactly that is animating us, and give it a general term such as the I AM, then we can delve into the idea of what it is that we are, as opposed to who we are.  And when we do that, we touch upon the very truth of being human – you are so much more than just the one little body manifest into this 3D reality and dealing with the slings and arrows of your daily life!

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