We come into this life with various plans in place.

The I AM, which is you, that steps into this body and animates it for life on Earth, comes into the body with plans in place and contracts to fulfill.  The reason for the contracts and plans is varied, but essentially it is in order for the larger You, the more complete You, the You that is part of the whole of all that You are, were and will be, can resolve and/or complete certain learning paths, ideas, and commitments to the self, to others and to the family that you come from.

When we refer to family in this instance we are not referring to the DNA lineage that you have been birthed into, we are referring to the soul lineage that you come from – some of which will have birthed into the DNA lineage that you are a part of along with you, and others will be living life right alongside you as friends, teachers, helpers and still others will be living right alongside you in the unseen as guides, guardians, helpers and ancestors.

The contracts that you create prior to your birth are often multilayered, complex and designed to achieve resolution and graduation of your soul self (on many layers) into the next evolution of who you are, have been, will be and desire to become.  It’s a very complex and multi layered process that was originally set up to help souls heal, learn, grow and/or move on from various dramas, traumas and wounds they may have had.

It is very (very!) common to have your contracts, thwarted, distorted, altered or corrupted in many different ways that mean that what you actually end up playing out throughout your life – including, but not limited to, the family you incarnate into, the actual parenting and schooling that you receive, the boyfriends/girlfriends/partnerships that you have, the friendships you create, your success or failure at your career – is, at worst, not what you had contracted for or, at least, a distorted and unfulfilling version of what you had contracted for.

If you do not know you are playing out various contracts, and that those contracts have been interfered with – and this most often happens with your permission – then how can you correct your life course?


More to the point,

Why would you agree to such a thing!!??!!

You agree because you don’t know.

Your agreement is done in ignorance or without full knowledge of all the circumstances and, most often, through tacit consent and engagement with life and its systems.

So, for instance, in your childhood, you, as the incarnate, may be aware that your dad is an a-hole or your mum is psychotic and too self-centred to give you the care and guidance you need, but, as the incarnate child you have no memory of having agreed to this treatment – or having agreed to something different.  So in essence you have no memory as to whether this circumstance was what you came here to experience.

In this type of circumstance you will usually just ‘play the hand you are dealt’ because the human self has forgotten what the hand should have been or that the hand has been interfered with.  The higher self, the soul self remembers and does what it can to offer you the clues that things need to change, or to renegotiate the contracts, but if you as the human ignores all the hints, signs, clues and motivations coming your way from your soul self, you end up playing out the crappy corrupted contracts that lead you into a life of despair or disappointment.

It’s quite complex and isn’t always simple to observe, however, the gist of it is this;

You live in your body.

Before you are born you map out your life circumstances, activities and potentials – including the ‘rest breaks’ where you can change everything.

You contract with various other incarnating humans and unseen guides, guardians and others to help, hinder or engage with you in various ways to achieve resolution and remedy of your contracts.

Those contracts get distorted, corrupted, added to or redacted in various ways usually through agreement by you – this happens pre-birth, during birth and after birth.

That agreement is quite often done in unawareness or through tacit consent – as in by using a certain system of life you tacitly agree to being bound by and effected by the contracts associated with that system.  For example, by going to the doctor, you tacitly agree to all that the community and society holds true about the doctor, the hospital and the medical profession generally.

Your life does not play out the way that the incarnating you had originally contracted for it to play out.

You as the incarnate manifest physical human have no memory of these machinations from before your birth, where your life ‘should’ have turned out differently, and just feel like you are a leaf on the breeze at the whim of life and those around you, or that life is sh!t and that’s all there is to it. 

With this nutshell understanding of contracts, doesn’t it stand to reason that knowing these exist, mastering their correction and updating them to reflect what you now know about yourself, your potential and your life would enhance your trajectory into happiness and mastery of your sovereignty a huge amount?

Your contracts, belief systems, programs and allowances – the places and spaces where you are not present, and not sovereign – effect everything in your life.  Isn’t it time you started to take care of your own life and make your own choices?

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