The abundant moment of now.

The wealth of now

There is an infinite amount of now.

Don’t try and remember the past or things that happened in the past, what is there now?

The infinite moment of now

There is an abundance of time in the now for you are truly wealthy in the now with all the time that is desired, required or inspired for the infinite ever-present inspirations and wealth of information available to you in the now.


Be present.

What is there now?

What do you know now, in the now?

Being present, you come to the understanding of your own magnificence!

Your own eternity, your own ever-present, ever-moving, re-creating and creating Self of the now.

Every moment is your ground zero.

Every moment is a new now, a new possibility, a new outcome.

Be now.

Breathe now.

See now.

Peace now.

The ever-present infinite moment of now.

Deep within, and all around, the now is all you have.

What will you do now?

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