Dealing with contracts, belief systems and/or programs around any issue or impediment starts with recognizing that an impediment exists, taking responsibility for it and healing it.

Responsibility is key!

You may feel that you were taught something that was not true so it is not ‘your fault’.

You may feel you have no power so it is not ‘your fault’.

You may feel that everyone else is doing it wrong or impacting upon you messing up your life so it is not ‘your fault.’

Consider that perhaps all of this is the excuse we give ourselves, because essentially if you are not running your life then who is?

If you are not taking command, being present and acting with sovereignty, if you are allowing the impact of others to distort your choices, then you are essentially allowing your apathy, your subservience perhaps even your victim-hood to run the show and authorizing others to make choices for you.

Allowing others to make choices for you, for whatever reasons you allow this, is of course ok, but recognise that this is your choice, you are allowing it – even if they are overbearing and you feel you have no choice, you are still choosing to be in the position of no choice!  No judgment here, all I’m doing is illustrating that your life is yours, and you have the choice to be responsible for your life or pass that responsibility over to another or many others.

It is down to you, you are in charge of you.  Your thoughts, your emotions and your choices create your reality – within the context and paradigm of the world we live in but that’s a deeper part  of the story.

Being sovereign, taking responsibility and choosing to release and heal the beliefs, the behaviors and the contracts that keep you from experiencing what you choose, or keep you in a loop re-experiencing the same distorted play outs every time, is the most complete and present way forward into healing, empowerment and awakening.

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