You may feel like you know what self responsibility means, but do you really?

When you meditate, when you aim for higher and deeper connection, do you consider the responsibility entailed in this?

Do you consider that your level of consciousness needs to equal the level of responsibility you take for yourself, for your relationships (seen and unseen) and in the world in general and vice versa?

Have you ever thought that the seeking of higher states of awareness or connection with higher wisdom actually means that you are responsible for taking it seriously?  It’s not a game of calling up a higher being or higher wisdom and just immediately saying ‘so, tell me the secrets of the universe’ – where’s the relationship?  Where’s the politeness? Where’s the respect in that?

Connection with Guides, Guardians, Helpers and Healers has an element of responsibility to it.  Consider it like arriving at the door of a potential new friend, you are not going to just barge into their house and immediately borrow their diamond bracelet – there needs to be a level of trust reached first.

So, take the time to be polite, take the time to form a friendship, take the time to just be present and get to know your Guides, Guardians, Helpers, Healers, Friends and Family in the unseen.  You will have a much greater depth of knowledge exchange and healing from doing this.  Sit with them, commune with them and allow the unfoldment of knowledge to come slowly with trust and respect – barging in with expectation is the surest way to connect with some trickster who will lead you astray.

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