Lately, I’ve been speaking directly with some of my Guides and Guardians, writing stories together and hashing out concepts together.  They usually come in the morning and deliver fine-tuning information on concepts we’ve delved into previously.  This morning they expanded on some ideas around love and the feeling state for manifesting.  I’d like to share this as it seems quite profound and helpful.

These exchanges usually start in the form of a conversation and expand into a bit of a story or a lesson 🙂

“You’ve been doing the not trying.

When you can sit in stillness and feel the fabric of creation without judgment or expectations, when you can sit between moments, between breaths, between atoms, when you can breathe in and breathe out with the pulse of the Universe itself, you can move the dimensional fabric into manifestation of desired outcome (matter?).”

Me:  How do you do that?

“Stop seeking, stop searching.

Dream your creation into being through stillness and knowing.

It’s about love.

Feeling such love during the process and for the creation and the Self.  Not desire. Not yearning. Love is in the moment, in the now feeling the love.

Passion ignites creativity and creation.

Love manifests it.

Think about how you feel when you are in love;

When you are in love everything is new, every touch, every discovery, every word, every moment, truly present with the beloved.

Truly present. 

Forgiving all faults, or blind to them.  This state of fulfillment, satisfaction, non-judgmentalism and joy. 

In the moment, the complete moment, the full moment, where there is no need, there is no emptiness, all that is, is there and it is all you want. 

There is no thought for anything or anyone else.

This is the state of presence required for instant manifestation.”

Me: How do you get there?





Reach out to the love force and allow it to flow through you.

(this hadn’t occurred to me previously, but there is an actual force of love that exists, that you can ignite within, and it brings such a huge feeling of wellbeing, of satisfaction, of fulfillment – meaning you have no yearning or desire for anything in that moment because all needs, all wants, all desires are fulfilled by this feeling, from this force)

It is fast, it is instant, in one second a flash occurs imprinting the dimensional fabric.” 

Me:  How do you nurture that and bring it into 3D existence? (I’m very practical, I mean it’s great that it’s on the dimensional fabric, but I want it here now and manifest in 3D :-))

“Let it go and let it grow of its own accord.”

And they would give me no more information at this point – what I take from this is that this is an ethereal, esoteric concept, it’s not a specific A to Z process, it must be felt and experienced, then let go, so that you don’t get caught up in controlling it into existence and manipulating it to be your version of the creation rather than allowing the greatest creation to unfold for you.

My suggestion to feel this love force, is to go within, breathe deeply and be present, go within the body and feel the love, go deeply, deeply within and wait, allow the love to surface.  If you find that you cannot ignite it within then think of someone you love and how that feels, don’t focus on them, focus on the love feeling as a separate entity, not attached to the person or animal you have used to remind the self of how love feels.

Caution:  Do not imagine a past lover, because this can bring in a sense of yearning, which takes you out of the present moment.  The love required to be felt is present moment love.  It is better to ignite it from within with love of self, however, if this just seems too far away from your sense of self at this time, imagine a beloved pet in the present moment, feel how much love you feel for them, how happy they make you and start with that, flame the internal fires of that love.


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