So, I’ve been editing my new publication on Attraction for women (coming soon!), and I just channeled this piece whilst trying to write the closing statement, I liked it so much that I thought I’d share it with you:

“Imagine living in a world where we appreciate our differences, and where everyone is so in love with who they are, they never feel compelled to be something else to get love, feel loved or prove to someone that they are worthy of love. 

Imagine knowing you are worthy of love, imagine knowing all that you had to offer and being able to know that the images of tv and the magazines and the imagined (or real) criticisms of others were really just input from those that don’t love themselves enough yet? 

Imagine that?!

Now be it! 

Your world can be a happy place, where you are attractive and attracting, where you are perfect in your own skin, with your own shape and your own needs and wants, where you are your own unique and authentic self, knowing that you are worthy and have all sorts of wonderful things to offer just as you are. 

If we were supposed to all look the same, we would all look the same. 

The reason there is so much variety in men and women is because we are supposed to experience different things, and we are all attracted to and want to experience different things. 

Find the guy that is attracted to your shape, your face, your hair, your character, your personality and feel the joy of being seen without trying to be something you think he requires you to be.  He doesn’t require you to be anything but yourself! 

Stop trying to fit a homogeneous idea of beauty that is given to you by the TV, movies, magazines and other women you speak to – just do you and love it.”

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