What is your dream?

What is it you’ve always desired and how much hard work have you put into it?

Or, how much have you avoided it because it will be too much hard work?

Consider this. . .

Was your dream distorted, corrupted or delayed by this concept of it being unattainable or too much hard work?

Or the concept of how would you make a living in the meantime whilst you pursue your dream, this dream that seems to be so out of reach, so unrealistic so much a fantasy that everyone agrees it would never come to fruition or pay for all of your life expenses?

The Options

Here’s a little clarification about dreams;

There is both;

the high bright stream


the low broke dream.

Which one are you following?  And how can you tell the difference?

High Bright Dream!

Follow the joy and tingles, the butterflies and visceral responses to tell the difference between the low broke dream and the high bright stream!

What interests you?

What thrills you?

What gives you tingles, butterflies and makes you feel like a kid at Christmas?

That’s the high bright stream!

The ‘have to’, ‘should do’ and ‘must finish’?

The effort, commitment and follow-through even when you feel sad, angry or discouraged about it?

That’s the low broke dream.

Give up the Dream!

Give up the dream to ride the stream to your great success!

The stream leads where you really want to go!

The dream is stagnant, it is filled with hard work, net reality traps, a distortion of your stream, to keep you stuck but still dreaming.

Such that you always wait and always think you are following the stream but the time is never right, the opportunities are never there.

The stream feels bright light and easy, it’s success seems ethereal, it’s outcome uncertain but its energy and frequency is the steam of fast and rapid momentum, that builds from your joy into a wave of powerful momentum surging you forwards, crushing blocks and opposition, driving you with ease and power into something unexpected, unthought and magnificently more than you as the incarnate have ever dreamed of for yourself!

Ride the stream!

Lay down the dream.

It is not yours.

It never was.

Yours has always been the stream!

Into a river,

Into an ocean,

Riding the waves,

That turn into a joyful tsunami,

Bringing you with ease and power,

To new golden shores of delight,


and unventured dreams come true!

All will be so much more, so much better than anything you’ve previously dreamed if you follow the stream!

Your human plans and lofty thoughts are but a drop compared to the ocean that the stream leads to.

The drop is accessed by your dream.

The ocean forms from following the stream!

What thrills you now?

What excites you now?

What will you do now?

Do it and join your stream!

Stream the dream into more than you thought possible, present or available to you now!


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