Staying in Consciousness

Once you have ignited permission, and start practicing presence, the brain can have a hard time.

It can start trying to convince you that you don’t know what you are doing, you may even feel overwhelmed with doubt, worry or anxiety – all of this is the brain attempting to bring you back to relying on it for solving the problem or manifesting, the way it has always done.

I’m suggesting a new way, I’m suggesting you return to your origin your blueprint and remember that you are a creator and that comes from within, that comes from Source, that comes from the zero point or cosmic mind within.

Not the brain.

The brain doesn’t know what it doesn’t know.

It will always try to solve the problem or manifest the creation using tried and true methods, based upon what it knows about 3D and what it knows is possible for you and what it knows about you. Thus if you have any decision about what is and isn’t possible, in 3D and or about you personally, then the brain will already have decided that certain things are not going to be possible for you to do.

When you understand the brain will not allow certain things, and will actively rebel against you doing things another way, or a way that it doesn’t understand or hasn’t experienced, then you can know that these feelings of doubt, worry, second-guessing, anxiety etc are really the brain saying “wait a minute, something is going on here that I haven’t authorised!”.

What if ‘what is going on’ is the creation of the new?

What if ‘what is going on’ is an entirely new unthought-of and unexpected creation?

A new way of doing something?

A new possibility or probability in your reality?

The brain thinks small.

Even the most expansive thought of the brain is still small compared to what consciousness can do, or has in mind for you.  See this article for more on this idea:  Butterfly Dreaming

Don’t rely on the brain to solve your issue or manifest your creation. The moment the brain starts to plan and worry, that is the moment you know you have left the expansiveness of consciousness and entered the limited notions of the brain.

We are encouraged over and over to use our brains to manifest, to use our brains to focus and to repeat in order to create – do the same thing every day for 5 minutes, look at your vision board every day to remember what you are creating etc this may work as a 3D creations, but it only works after much hard work and focus and it only creates stuff that has already been created.  It’s often just busywork that keeps us thinking that we are doing the right things for success, and if we are not succeeding then obviously we didn’t do it right!

If you want something new, if you want something unexpected and something uplifting and surprising, something better than you’ve ever thought of, then you want to be creating from consciousness and leaving the brain out of it!

Entertain the brain with visions and stories of what it could be like, give it something to play with, but always remind it that it is not doing the creation, “this is something new that you haven’t experienced before, we are doing something different now, so your thoughts and your solutions are not going to help here.”

What you are actually looking for are epiphanies, spontaneous solutions, impromptu and impulsive actions and decisions, the bubbling up and bursting forth of eagerness, of fascination, of passion and creativity, then you are operating from consciousness!

Then the brain may go along for the ride but the action and information is coming directly from Source.

It is this that creates something new.

It this that propels you into a new timeline a new reality and unexpected and amazing opportunities!

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