Consider this…

The caterpillar can only think the loftiest thoughts of a caterpillar, they may be the most profound and lofty thoughts a caterpillar has ever had, but they are not the thoughts of a butterfly.  A caterpillar knows not what it is like to be a butterfly yet.  It has no concept of the possibility that it can even become a butterfly let alone considering what a butterfly may be capable of thinking of, planning for and dreaming of aspiring to.

Are you limiting your possibility by only dreaming the lofty caterpillar dreams?   

What if you are a caterpillar that does not know your potential as a butterfly? 

When creating change in your world or yourself, it is important to allow the Universe to expand your horizons, allow your thoughts, dreams and aspirations to range as lofty as you can, and know that more is always possible, because you may still be only caterpillar dreaming.

Your caterpillar dreams are based upon what you perceive your reality and possibilities to be right now, they are based upon fulfilling your current ‘urgent’ needs or your current ideas around what would make you happy, fulfilled, complete.

What if these dreams are caterpillar dreams and, if you push for them relentlessly and rigidly you limit yourself to just these current dreams?

By doing this you don’t allow the Universe to step in and deliver the butterfly dream it knows is possible but you are currently blinded to.  What if there is so much more available for you, but you don’t know to ask for it yet?

So, yes, have dreams!

Yes, take steps towards achieving them and following them, but always remember that it may be a caterpillar dream and so, if it doesn’t come about, maybe you were aiming for more cabbage leaves and not aiming to fly (because you don’t know that you can fly yet) or maybe you subverted the best attempts of the Universe to bring you your butterfly dream by rigidly insisting on the caterpillar dream being delivered.

Follow your current dreams, take action, and do…

And allow for further information, loftier thoughts, bigger ideas and detours because this may be bringing you your currently unimaginable butterfly dream.

Just keep dreaming, keep doing and keep allowing for things to change and get better and better.

Creating in 5D is about flow, about allowing and playing with the possibilities, so try not to confine yourself to your caterpillar dream – maybe every detour is just the butterfly dream trying to take its place!

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