Recently I talked about Permission, and how this can limit your ability to create what you desire.  Permission effects us in many ways and is even programmed into our DNA – the lack of permission means that we often convince ourselves we don’t want, don’t need or don’t deserve the manifestation, or life, that we dreamed of.  Did you miss that article?

Check it out here:  Creating Realities: Permission 


There is another very important aspect of creating your reality with power and purpose as a Master or Sovereign Being, and that comes down to Presence.  The most powerful creators on this planet are (or were) very present in their lives and have (or had) a strong sense of belonging, and being allowed to do what they want.  It’s not really entitlement, it’s more a sense of ‘I’m here and what I desire to have happen is valid and doable’.

How strongly do you feel that your desires are valid?

Or do you think thoughts such as, ‘It’d be nice, but I’m sure others need it more than me’ or ‘I’d really like that, but I don’t want to infringe on anyone else’s desires’?

You were created through uniting light and sound – you are a powerful light being incarnated into physicality who has forgotten the power of the Mastery of reality that lies within you!

Presence allows you to be powerful, being here, fully.  Taking Sovereignty and Mastery of your choices and life gives you the power to change your reality.  It’s not about imploring God, Source, Spirit or Whomever to give you something good, it’s about being present and knowing your power, permission and deserving of something good, of your desired creation or manifestation.

How present are you?

How much is your attention here, now, and not thinking about the next thing, or worrying about how you’ll get A, B or C done?

Being here, now, and mastering the present is to understand that in each moment there are a billion possibilities, opportunities and transitions taking place.  The true Master sees this and understands that in any given moment there are always other options, other possibilities, other choices.  Being present is the way to make changes in your life – in fact, it is how you change timelines, realities and what appear to be inevitabilities.

We’ve all heard about the “power of now”, but did you know that the true power of now is that by being present, here fully, and aware of the now moment, you become the master of being able to transition to new options, to being able to create a new possibility, of being able to ignite bubbles of new possibilities for your life, for your time stream, for your reality?

The easiest way to become present, to be in the now, is with the breath – it’s a tool, but it’s an extremely powerful one and a profoundly underestimated one.  Using your breath to be present is easy, and two-fold:

One Way to Presence

Focus on the breath and become aware of the breathing in the now – bringing you to presence.

Breathing in and breathing out in long slow deliberate breaths, bringing yourself to the now moment.

Listen to your breath, focus on it, really feel it and be here with it.

As you breathe in and breath out, you can consider or state the idea that:

‘i am here, I am now’

‘through light and sound I am here’

bringing yourself to presence.

A Second Way to Presence

Once you have a nice focused rhythm with the breath, in this relaxed and present state, recognise that the breath can also be used to create a creation point, a zero point, a still point.  All things are created from the zero point, it is the doorway to new possibilities, opportunities, creation and realities!

So breathing in,

I am here,

breathing out,

I am now,

breathing in,

through light and sound, I am here,

breathing out,

I belong,

and once you feel presence, once you feel relaxed and powerful with your breath, then;

breathe in,

breath out,


and on this pause note the stillness, note the void space, this is a point of creation, this is a zero point – it is in this stillness, this space, that you can place a creation for something new.

How?  Easy.

Breathe in

Breathe out

In the stillness, think or say, “something new now”

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The next step?

I’ve created a geometry for you that is designed to bring you into presence, bringing you here now, to the centre of the Self, to the stllpoint, the place of creation.

You can check it out here:  I AM Presence

Know that this process has created bubbles of potentiality, possibility and opportunity, know that this process will unfailingly change things in your life and, knowing this, note the new around you as it occurs.  Anything and everything new that you see happening or occurring around you, for there will be new now!

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