In order to create your reality, you need to be present!  Here, now!

The I AM statement is more of a full sentence of circular origin – I am that I am, meaning I am such that I may exist, as in, I have to exist (I am) so that all can exist including me (that I am).

Here is a very swift and effective self-meditation using the I AM concept to acknowledge and activate your eternal nature whilst bringing you into Presence in Sovereignty now!


I am that I am

I am all that is

I am here

I am now

I am

I never was

I never will be

I have always been

I am

I am the breath before time

I am that which creates time

I am before the universe and made of the stuff that created the universe

I am the cosmic breath

I am

I am that which needs to exist for all of creation to happen

I am that which created

and that which was created from

I have always existed

I am

I am so that I can be created

I am so that I can create

I am the dreamer and the dream

I am the before, during and after

I am the creator and the created

I am so that I can exist

I am that I can exist

I am that,

I am

I am here

I am power

I am presence

I am

I am the curiosity

I am the joy

I am a magnificent light being

I am now

I am here

I am open to miracles

I make the impossible possible every day

I allow the unknown to become known now

I am that,


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