The paradigm of spirituality, asceticism, and deprivation, of doing ‘this’ for service and for free “because that’s what a spiritual person would do” has come to an end.  Sure there are many out there who still believe this is true but it’s a limiting and small way to view this very expansive and uplifting world we now live in.

There has long been a spiritual or religious urge, or encouragement towards, having less and finding contentment in that, or of deprivation of the self and finding ‘God’ in that – this has pervaded our planet for a very long time for a few reasons, one of which was dictated by the energy and resonance of Earth that we were living in.  The choices to live in lack, or live in the smallness of poverty and restriction and/or living with ‘nothing’ or very little and finding joy and happiness and the need for nothing more than that, was actually about truly feeling, truly understanding, happiness and joy – simply put if you have nothing and yet you feel great joy then you know that you are truly feeling joy, because it’s easy to have joy when you have everything that you desire, so to truly feel and understand joy and contentment, one must have nothing.

Deprivation and restriction help us to feel!

This is an old paradigm where the ascetic behaviors of starvation, deprivation or seclusion (meditating on a mountain top) were practiced in order to truly feel, to truly connect to spirituality and to truly ignite the sense of consciousness or God within.  It worked beautifully for the old energy, and the more hardship the body was put under the more enlightenment was found at the end of it – think of the journey of the Buddha to enlightenment.

This energy, the energy we are in today, the new energy if you will, does not require us to practice deprivation, it does not require us to sacrifice ourselves in order to feel God or be of service to God – because in this new energy we can, like never before, feel and ignite Consciousness from within.

In fact, with the ignition of new parts of our DNA, with the influx of more and more of who we truly are, when allowed, this actually connects us more easily and more strongly with what Consciousness actually wants and what you are actually capable of.  If you deprive the self, if you restrict the self, what you are actually doing is honouring an old paradigm and second-guessing Consciousness itself, if Consciousness wanted you to be small and insignificant why would you be igniting with dreams of success, winning, wealth, ease, joy and ecstasy? If you want to have less, if you want to simplify your existence, this is fine too!  The point is to be honest and truthful about what you really want, to recognise that the ‘virtue’ in deprivation or ‘settling for less’ is old and dusty energy that doesn’t honour who you truly are anymore.

The truth is that Consciousness desires each point of light on the planet (human) to be the creator they are, to create aspects of reality unique and personal to them, anything that you desire within the context of knowing yourself truly, is the desire of Consciousness since you are a physicalised materialised incarnation of original source consciousness.  By denying your dreams, by playing small, by not understanding that all things are available to you and there is no need for deprivation and settling for less anymore, then you are not understanding the nature of consciousness.

Consciousness is expansive, it is about experiencing all, experiencing new and mastering reality.

You are supposed to have dreams.

You are supposed to fulfill those dreams.

Nothing is too big or too small for you to achieve.

The only thing stopping you is you.

The only thing restricting you is you.

The only thing that believes it’s not possible, it can’t be done or that you can not do it, is you.

Your belief systems, your programs, your brain, your ego, are all telling you that it’s not possible.

Consciousness is giving you the dream because it IS possible.

All is available to you now and the desire for you to achieve it is present in Consciousness.

The pathway to achieving it is within you.

Breathe deep, be present, allow for all of you to be here now.

Remember, every second you have a ground zero, a start again point, and a million options to choose from.

Choose again.


What new is awaiting you?


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