For a very long time now, through the new age and manifestation community, we have been advised to act with clarity and discernment.  If you don’t know what to do, then wait for clarity, gain clarity, before doing anything.

What if you have no clarity?

What if you just have confusion and conflicting ideas?

Or maybe boredom and no idea?

Is waiting for clarity so that you can act with clarity perhaps just a delaying tactic that can keep you stuck?

Because when you don’t know with clarity what it is you want to do, or what it is that will make you happy, then waiting for clarity can take a very long time!

What if the actual answer is to act for clarity – as in, take action in order to gain clarity, rather than be in inaction until you gain clarity about what action to take.

Take action, whatever action is available, the best option you have available, and do it as though it is the end goal, do it as though it is the answer you are looking for, do it with presence, passion, joy and with gratitude for it being the channel of your abundance, happiness and desire fulfillment.

When you don’t know the answer or direction, don’t wait for clarity, act for clarity.

Take action, the best and most interesting one available at the time, do it as though it is the dream the answer and the gift and soon enough the dream, the answer and the gift will eventuate in your reality, because taking action sets things in motion on the subatomic/quantum level and on the human energetic level that encourage the manifestation of what you desire.

Taking action, any action, whether it appears related to your end goal or not, creates quantum changes of electromagnetic energy that allows changes in 3D material reality – it also offers you an iterative process that allows you to refine and change what you are doing and not doing, all of which brings you closer to the desired outcome.

Take action.  Assess it.  What about it is enhancing your state of being?  What about it is not?  Make changes.

Take action again, assess again and so on.

This process, done with presence, passion and focus as though each action taken is the answer you are seeking, as though each action taken and circumstance you find yourself in is the desired outcome and destination, allows that action to be fueled with your being, and hence the iterative winnowing out of what does not work and enhancing of what does work actually brings the clarity you have been desiring!

So, start where you are, and act for clarity.  Do something, do whatever occurs to you in the moment, but do it with presence and do it as though it is the answer, do it with enthusiasm and passion, and the clarity must follow.



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