Thoughts are energy patterns that could be seen as entities that are held in a different dimension or hyperspace frame to 3D temporal reality – we cannot see them but if we could inhabit the hyperspace frame that they inhabit you would see them as actual entities of a sort, rather than as the ephemeral, invisible or formless thing we consider them.

Thoughts of a coherent nature with strong flows and intent are more powerful constructs that those of incoherent systems.  Which means, focus, direction and clarity of thought with passion and enthusiasm, creates stronger thought-form entities.

Thoughts of like energy tend to cluster together.

Thoughts are carried by photon light waves and waves of similar construct tend to cluster together.  When enough light waves cluster together, with their accompanying thought entities, they form a tipping point and breakthrough the barrier between hyper space and manifest as electromagnetic reality in 3D from which observable physical phenomena and manifestation occurs.

Thus thoughts become things!

So, ‘act as if’ really means, show up in your life with the rock solid true thoughts of your own success and abundance and by virtue of physics this shows up in your life as an electromagnetic reality.  Which means, ‘act as if’ and ‘start where you are’, show up in your life, do what you do with the enthusiasm and gusto of already having been successful and achieved your goal.

If the ‘dream job’ is your goal, then do the job you have as though it is the dream job, don’t just get through it until the dream job shows up!  Act as if the job you already have is the dream job, dress as if the job you have is the dream job – what you are really doing is creating beneficially charged coherent and strong thought entities of success, satisfaction, joyful daily engagement often enough to form a tipping point and breakthrough into manifest reality delivering the desire.  The job you have may change, a new job may present, your desires may change – many things may happen, but they all start with where you already are, acting as if your already have all that you are looking for.

Life happens for you and through you not to you, so, act as if!

(The concept above of what thoughts are is presented here as a summary from the work of several physicists including TE Bearden and David Bohm – extrapolated and summarised for a real world application of the concept)


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