Choose, choose and choose again – your freedom lies in choice.

We are taught to honour our choices and yet, the honouring of them is what keeps you stuck.

Your choices don’t define you or dictate you, they are flexible optional and changeable.

Your human conditioning asserts, requires, encourages you to make a choice and stick to it!  By doing this you slow down change, flow, time and you delay, block, distort your ability to move beyond your circumstances and experience more.  You mire yourself in one choice, one reality, one experience by honouring and doggedly sticking to your choice as though your choice defines you and who you are, allowing you to exist and to be identifiable, to be reliable and trustworthy allowing the other humans to see you, know you, trust you.  But, what if, what it really does is keep you stuck, small and repeating the same experience and circumstances in life over and over again?

You have been taught that honouring your choices makes you a good reliable person, but what it also does is make you a predictable person repeating the same life experiences over and over.

If you break out of the conditioning and expectation of being reliable and doggedly honouring your choices no matter how destructively and joylessly they play out, you begin to experience more possibilities and horizons in your life.

Movement creates change and change creates movement.

Choosing again creates movement creates change.

What choices have you made that you have honoured despite feeling trapped by them?

Maybe it’s time to choose again!

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