Your physical form is your partner and friend and just needs your love and attention.  When it cries out in pain, give it attention, when it is tired give it rest, you put it through so much and most of it is done unconsciously and or with denigration, ingratitude and often with harsh words and disappointment in the body and its performance.

Your body needs cleansing and clearing, as well as physical nourishment.  You can do so much of this yourself with your state of mind, your focus, your attention, your love and your peace but sometimes, there is a program, a blockage, a belief that you cannot do it for yourself.

Even without a program of that sort, sometimes you just need another frequency in order to shift your frequency, to shift your detritus, to move your beliefs and programs or open them up such that you can recognize them and heal them.

This is why we cannot always do it all ourselves, but at a certain point it becomes less about someone else healing you (it’s actually never this, but this is how we’ve been taught to think about it) and it becomes more about someone else bringing their frequency to yours, shifting frequency and opening avenues within you such that you have the epiphany, you have the awakening and then you have the understanding that leads to the healing.

Sometimes we just need the energy, sometimes we need the hints and clues – sometimes we need the swift spiritual kick in the backside (shakti pat) such that we stop circling in our own thoughts and obsession down our very old and well-worn grooves that blind us to what else there is, often even if we are doing our tech and practicing presence and mindfulness.

Aches, pains and discomfort are also the body talking back to you asking for your attention, your love and help. Sometimes because it is honouring an old program, sometimes because it is adjusting to a new one, sometimes because it has had no instruction and so is following the course of general input.

Your job is to observe the body, be with the body, and determine the reason for what is showing, for instance;

  • Do you need to change a habit pattern or behaviour?
  • Do you need to allow the unfolding of the new?
  • Do you need to address some fundamental belief systems or programs?
  • Do you need to gain more presence and direction in instruction and loving the body?

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