The statement “I think”:

implies you are thinking it/something into existence, you are not feeling it, hence you are in the mental body when you make the I think statement.

This means you are not coming from your soul so ‘think’ again – feeling comes from the heart and soul not from thinking, thus when you are saying ‘I think’ have a look at what you are saying and maybe rephrase it, or revamp it – make a heart/soul choice instead. 

You cannot create something new by thinking it into existence – the new only comes from other space other than the mind. The mind only knows what it has already experienced, how can “an experience already had” be new?

The statement “I should/they should”:

why should you/they?

You are attempting to impinge on the free will of others, based upon your ego’s need to hear something, be validated or receive something from someone (ie, but they should have acknowledged my effort!), or you are martyring yourself by doing something you don’t want to do but ‘should’ do… impinging upon your own free will?

“Should” used in these contexts either triggers a sense of fight-flight within you, or impinges upon freewill (yours or others) – “I should” implies you don’t want to, but think you must, thus is not a soul choice. A choice made due to a “should” circumstance is unlikely to be a soul choice for creating a new reality.

Question for you; what does this mean about that statement that is used so often:

I think I should… ???

I think I should meditate more…
I think I should be more compassionate…
I think I should exercise more…

I think I should… ???

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