What lie have you been told, and accepted, by society, parents or others that works contrary to your desires, but because you have believed it and incorporated it into your belief systems and life you have acted, interacted and chosen in such a way as to validate and justify the lie as true in your life, even though it is the antitheses of what you think you believe and definitely works against what it is you desire?

These are things we do all the time and then we operate from the honouring of these lies as though to admit it was a lie is somehow forbidden or dangerous.

Really common lies we honour are:

  • You need a degree to be successful
  • Making it as a <fill in here with your dream job> is a pipedream
  • Money requires hard work and sacrifice
  • Love and commitment aren’t easy

These are often the things that our parents tell us as we are growing up.  They tell us these things to protect us, to keep us safe, to prevent us from making the same mistakes that they made, or for a myriad of other reasons. It’s a kindness, it’s a loving act but in the end, it’s a trap!  Why?  Because, you take on board the information, and even if you grow up and find yourself disagreeing with the lie you’ve been told (that your parents didn’t believe to be a lie when you were told it) what happens is that your subconscious and your parasympathetic systems co-opt the lie and create behaviours, belief systems, attitudes, actions and behaviours that honour the lie – so, in the end, through your own actions, behaviours, non-actions and non-behaviours, you create a life that makes the lie look like it was a truth you were told.  Then you become grateful for it because otherwise you would have wasted your time pursuing a goal that was not attainable and ‘thank goodness you didn’t do that!’

Here’s a thought; what if the lie was really a lie?

What if you are told these things by people who mean well, but don’t know how reality really works, or don’t know how to create a new path?

What if what they are telling you is exactly why your life is feeling empty, why you feel sad, empty, lonely, confused or just plain frustrated by why life doesn’t offer as much interest, love, money, ease, joy and happiness as you think it should?

What if subconsciously you’ve been honouring the lie and not living your own life your own way and creating something new?

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