It is very common in this day and age to hear someone spouting that they are honouring their truth, and thusly behaving in an entitled or selfish manner.  Or in desperation trying to find their truth and thusly feeling depressed or bewildered with not being able to deduce what that is. The search for or ‘honouring of’ your truth usually ends up hurting others and hurting the self.  Why?

It’s a Misnomer!

This obsession with finding your truth is actually a misunderstanding of the concept because ‘finding your truth’ is a bit of a misnomer.

Very little about you is your truth since you grew past the age of about 3 – it’s all artifice that you’ve mastered as the presentation of who you are to the world – allowing the world to perceive you as you would like to be perceived.

We all do it to varying degrees.

So, forget about finding your truth, because what you think is true for you and about you, may in fact be true for only who you think you are – or, more correctly, only true for who you pretend to be in order to fit in with the humans you engage with throughout your life.

Focus on Kindness

Focus instead on considered response and kindness.  Focus on monitoring your speech and expressions.  Focusing on speaking kind, acting kind and being kind.  Through this process and the observation of your feelings around doing this as you do it, you’ll slowly discover what’s real and truthful for you, about you and your reality.

There’s nothing dramatic, woke or virtue signally about it.  Finding your truth is not a game, it is not something that you do to be special.  It is something that, when done properly, takes courage and focus to observe the self and keep digging down to personal motivation in every situation (why am I doing/saying that? What’s driving me here?).

It’s all About You

It really is all about you – your behaviour and your engagement with life, humans and reality.  Your truth is found by self observation and self analysis of what you are not and changing your behaviours, actions, words and engagements to reflect who you really are.

This process can feel complex and messy because we live in a thought created reality and our belief systems and thought patterns have been polluted and warped by our environment.  Which means our behaviours, beliefs, actions and words are all tainted by this.

It’s been happening to humans for a long time, so even though we could say we ‘come in clean’ and without concern for fitting in, or the opinions of others, by the time we are 3ish we’re already altering our thought patterns, behaviours and belief systems to fit in with the other humans and get what we need to survive.

Which means that we become domesticated and smother (shut off) our true self and natural instincts. It’s the process of ‘becoming human’, there’s no one to blame and no wrong or right about it, it’s just what’s been happening to humans for a long time.

Still Want to Honour Your Truth?

Remember that you are probably not even aware of who you really are beyond the social training given to you by your upbringing, to even know what truth is, let alone what your truth is.

Honour your day to day, honour your kindness, honour your gentleness, honour your forgiveness, honour your grace – over time of personal reflection, personal gentle adjustment you will delve into what falsehoods you have been honouring and discover who you truly are.  There your truth lies.


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