The science at the moment tells us there are but 2 strands of DNA that form a double helix, 3% of this DNA is genetic ‘useful’ material and 97% of this is ‘junk’, as in, there is currently no definable purpose for this extra DNA.  

The question we should be asking ourselves is, if nature is as efficient as we have seen ‘her’ to be, then why would a being as evolutionarily advanced (so far) as the human have 97% ‘junk’, redundant or ‘no definable purpose’ codes within each and every cell of their body? 

Remember there are about 37.2 trillion cells that form the human body and about 1700 trillion molecules of DNA, at 97% junk that’s a whole lotta junk that makes the human!  Maybe it’s not all junk?

The metaphysics of DNA are a base 12 proposition, there are 12 strands of DNA and each strand is created from 12 base female, or sound, codes and 12 base male, or light, codes.  These sound and light codes group together magnetically to create a strand of DNA, 12 of these strands form the DNA molecule.  

So, let’s take this concept one step further. . .

If your DNA is made up of light and sound, then you are made up of about 1700 trillion bits of light and sound. . . so, your DNA literally projects light and makes sound. . . You literally glow with light and sing with sound! How cool is that?!

Do you remember those experiments with cornflour paste on a speaker?  When you turn it on the cornflour paste starts to dance?  Remember?  Well, this cornflour image can give you a really simple idea of how sound can change and effect form.

To extrapolate this to its simplest conclusion:

You are created, fundamentally, from sound and light – change the frequency of the sound your DNA emits and you change the form of your world.

Your cells, your DNA, listen to you for instruction as to how to glow, how to sing your world into existence. . .

What are you telling it?

Speak to your DNA, it responds to your words, it responds to your prayers, it responds to your focus, it responds to your thoughts, your beliefs, your actions – it is literally listening to you and generating the song that you tell it to sing. . . which goes on to form your physical reality.

What song is your DNA singing?

Try this, with focus and attention, place your awareness upon your body and take a deep breath, now repeat:

My DNA sings the song of. . .

  • self-acceptance
  • peace
  • joy
  • enlightenment
  • prosperity
  • perfect health
  • happiness
  • ease

How does it feel?  

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