Your reality is an inside job, it is created from within you.

You are the only one that can change your life – you may feel subject to others, but the truth about reality is that you are in charge of your own timeline and lifestream.


Why aren’t things the way you would wish them to be?

Ask yourself these very important questions:

What would I have to believe about me and reality, in relation to this issue/situation, in order for this to be appearing in my reality as it is?

Is that true for me?  Do I want it to be true for me?

Once you have identified the beliefs, programming and fears, and recognised that they are not true for you, then you can acknowledge that;

if they are not true for you, they must be nonsense or, at the very least, extraneous to you and your life.
So, why are you operating from nonsense and creating what you don’t want?

Once you realise it is not you, not your belief and, in fact, a nonsense belief, you can drop it!

If you feel like you need to do a physical process to drop it, rather than just deciding to (because, in essence, that’s all it really takes!) you can ‘tap it out’ of the system:

  1. Tap the body as you go through the thoughts, beliefs and ideas around “what you would have to believe is true, in order for this situation to be showing up in this way”.
  2. Tap the body as you denounce those beliefs
  3. Tap the body as you input more beneficial beliefs

Job done, my friend!

If you feel like it, you can, following this, remind yourself of your new reality, by using I AM statements to illustrate your new resonance.


Let’s say that you feel like you are struggling with debt or not enough money. . .

Tapping through the body (lightly) – I suggest these points: top of the head, inner eyebrow, outer eyebrow, under eye (on bone), under nose (above lip), under bottom lip, chin, along jawline, under clavicles, centre chest, side of rib cage, front bottom of rib cage (below pecs), squeeze (lightly) around your wrists, (repeat as needed).  Alternatively, you can use EFT or TAT tapping points.

Tapping (just lightly tap one spot after another, there is no way to do the tapping wrong, it simply brings you to presence and connects you with your body);

“If this is how my reality looks, then I must believe something like, I must struggle, I can not get ahead, I’m not good enough to get ahead, I’m not smart enough or educated enough to get ahead, I haven’t put in the hard yards, maybe I believe that the only way to get ahead is to be smarter, stronger, a different gender?  Maybe I believe I’m too old to do it now, or do I believe I’m just unlucky, or undeserving?  Maybe I believe that it’s unsafe for me to be out of debt for some reason?  Maybe I think I’m not good with money, or that everyone has debt so I’d better fit in etc etc”

See how it’s kind of a dialogue with the inner self?  There’s no judgment on what the belief or programme might be, or on you for playing it out, it’s just, looking at how your external reality is appearing now, these beliefs must be in there somewhere, whether you consciously believe them or not – it doesn’t matter whether you hit upon the actual belief per se, it just matters that you explore all the things that it could be, all the things that occur to you whether they make sense to the conscious mind or not – you will hit upon enough that you can make a difference anyway 🙂


“I really don’t believe any of those things are true, none of it, maybe my parents did, maybe I was taught it as a kid, maybe I just decided to join with it becasue it appeared that’s what everyone believed, but I don’t think they’re true, what if they’re not true?  Why have I been carrying around this nonsense?  I choose to no longer resonate with this nonsense, that isn’t even mine”


“I believe these things are not true, I believe that I actually do deserve to be fortunuate, I do deserve to be affluent, prosperous and easily living life in joy.  I believe in abundance, prosperity, profit and ease, I believe that I have all that it takes to live in ease, joy, splendor, and always in profit.  I believe that I am enough to always be in profit, to experience financial ease and satisfaction, I believe that opportunities abound, and prosperity comes to me in many ways, expected and unexpected!  I choose to see all the opportunities, possibilities and probabilities coming to me now!”

Once you feel like you’ve covered it all, once you feel like your freeform positive input (above) has run its course, then you can just tap the body (as a whole, ie, down the chest, down the arms, down the legs) whilst feeling the joy and enthusiasm, the excitment and expectation of a new possibility in your life.

At this point, you will have created for yourself some postive new beliefs, they will occur to you as what appear to be affirmations but are actually expressions of your new resonance, ie, using the example above:

“I am deserving, I am enough!” 

“My life flows with opportunity and possiblilty, I see them at every turn”

Giving yourself these statements as your go-to mind talk – inputing them whenever you notice any negative thoughts (with or without tapping, your choice :-)) – aids the mind-brain in remembering that a change has occured.  It helps the mind-brain to not take control again and allow the old patterns to reform.  From here, you can also use your focus and mind-brain to notice anything new, because, noticing anything new, including your new responses to old situations, will trigger the external to adjust to your new frequency – and a new reality for you emerges!


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