Nothing Changes

Whilst it is true that nothing changes in 3D physical reality, it is also true that just as a by-product of being human, you are traversing billions of realities/timelines every second – they’re just so similar that you don’t even notice you are doing it!

So, the ‘nothing changes’ is gazumped by, ‘but there are billions of parallel options’ which leads to us, in 3D reality, perceiving time, past, present and future.

But there are billions of possibilities. . .

If this is so, and there actually are billions of possibilities, then why are you not able to stream a different or new reality for yourself?

One possibility is because the fears and beliefs we hold inside corrupt the data stream from the cells to the hologram of creation (your life).

Which means that the fears and beliefs held inside translate to a reality that isn’t the life of your dreams in every way.

Friendly fear points the way. . .

There are many different types of fears, some known, some unknown, including, but not limited to:

Fears of the human sort, ie stepping up, public speaking etc,

Fears of the subconscious sort, ie, it’s not safe to be in the public eye, you don’t deserve this, you haven’t got the skills or experience to handle this and

Fears of the anxiety sort, ie, what if my creation isn’t good, what if my creation is not something that I will enjoy, what if my creation doesn’t happen or doesn’t make me happy, what if all of this is rubbish, what if I can’t do it?

All of these fears illustrate the belief that you are stuck with your creation, stuck with the outcome and cannot create again at will.

This is simply not true!  It indicates a lack of belief in yourself as a Creator, a lack of belief in creation and change at will, indicating that you are subject to another’s choice, timeline and reality, basically suggesting that you are not sovereign and able to create what you want at will.

Are you a slave?

Are you subject to the will of others?

Are you a victim?

Or, are you a Sovereign Being who chooses their own reality, experiences and life?

All fear really does is illustrate to you that there is a belief or programme you have adopted that does not resonate with the life of your dreams – so, gratitude to the good old friendly fear, and drop it, as the Sovereign Being of your life, create anew now 🙂

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