There are a couple of fundamental truths about 3D;

  • Nothing in 3D can exist without human attention.
  • Where you put your attention you create your reality.
  • Your reality is an inside job, it is created from within you and projected outward.

The ego mind or cognitive mind is really a filter or programming tool for creating reality.  You are Consciousness, your ego mind simply filters your creations into reality through focus – where focus goes, a reality is sustained.

It’s about attention, not intention;  where your attention goes, that is where you create more – so, where is your attention?  What are you creating more of?

Are you focused on the New?

Are you focused on Possibilities?

Are you focused on What Next?

What Better?

What More?

Your reality is an inside job 🙂 nothing in 3D can exist without human attention . . . so . . .

Where is your attention?


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