The Beginning

The cellular artwork that I create started as an impulse, a few years ago, when I was prompted to create a drawing using sacred geometry shapes with “specifically igniting” colours.  This combination of shapes and colours produced a picture that would aid the viewer in dissolving their resistance to change.

A lot of my clients were desiring change and, upon doing some energy sessions to create the life they desired, would be confounded by the maintaining of old habits and beliefs that were keeping them stuck.  This lead to my first creation – the Releasing Resistance Glyph and Visual Meditation (which you can get for free here).

The Concept

After a few years of focusing in other areas of research, I returned to the glyph ignition style artwork.  These artworks are sometimes specific activations, for specific purposes, and sometimes they are, what appear to be, engaging colourful artworks.  All of them contain possibility and potentiality that only the viewer can ignite.

The artworks can be used as a visual activation tool, igniting and inviting a new opportunity, potentiality and possibility within you via affecting the resonance and vibration of your cells.  Why does this offer potential?  Because, simply put, the resonance of the cells, the energy you radiate, effects your environment and results in new opportunity and possibility.

The visual medium ignites the cells, via the optical pathways, connecting with the pineal gland, which in turn relays the pulse to the spinal energy  column through to the energy grid and on to the appropriate body area to activate the resonance for your desired outcome.

Activation and Artwork

What this means is that some of the artwork is ‘specific’ ie it has been created to work with something specific such as the thyroid, and some of the artwork may be simply viewed as a ‘pretty piece of artwork’ – but remember it has been created from a specific energy and will relay that to the viewer to the degree they can allow it.


When you view a piece that is specific you will receive the energies and ignitions designed around that activation ie the thyroid gland, however, since you are an individual, and your individual needs for that specific gland will be different to someone else’s, you will still receive a unique activation based upon your needs at that time.


Other artwork is, what appears to be, an attractive picture that you might find engaging or entrancing.  Each one of these attractive pictures has been created using resonance, shapes, colours, numbers, tessellations and patterning, and designed to offer ‘more’, or doorways to possibility and potentiality – this means that if you are attracted to a specific picture, it is somehow resonating with you and has the potential to expand your mind, expand your ideas and ignite the resonance of you to new possibilities and potentialities.

Using them for Creation

We all have ‘something we want to create’, usually this is along the lines of more money, a new job, a new home, a partner etc, however the Universe knows all that you desire and the best way for you to achieve this.  All that is possible is so much more than you can imagine, it is so much more abundant, joyful and variable than your 3D mind can imagine – you are limited to creating from what you know, why not create from what you don’t know about yet?

Sometimes when we fixate on creating something specific like ‘more money/a better paying job’ we deny the Universe the opportunity to bring us something else that would be so much better than what we are fixating upon.  These pictures, the ones you find engaging, are the opportunities for something else, they are the doorway to the more that you haven’t thought of yet.  Sometimes they work subtly and with nuance, and sometimes they work swiftly and obviously – it all depends upon where you’re at (energetically speaking) and where you need to be for your next adventure in life.  Always remembering that you are the Creator of your own experience, so, if life is not as you like it – change it!  You’re in charge 🙂

How do I get One?

The Cellular artworks are available in the ‘Shop’ – see it in the top menu?  Click there and go to the Cellular Artworks category and browse what’s available and go for which ones delight you!

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