Light Language

You may have heard of the Language of Light, or Light Language, and think it is only sound, or a spoken/sung language, but, did you know that Light language is really pictures?

Light language is not meant for the mind to understand, even though the cognitive mind does try, Light Language goes into your soul and body directly – bypassing the intellect and lower mind.

The Cellular Artwork in the shop on my site are Light Language pictures, images and sacred geometry encodings, they go directly into your heart and soul and body. Belief is very important for incorporating this into your body and cells. Take off your critical mind, your doubting mind and open to possibilities and probabilities,

Creator Codes

These light language drawings are creator codes, and igniters, reminding your cells of their 5th dimensionality and their potentialities and possibilities.

You will notice they comprise of repetition, tessellations, geometrics and aspects of the flower of life, they are created deliberately using numbers, shapes and empty space to ignite and activate a response from deep within.

They have variously been described as enchanting, mesmerizing and engaging – this is their purpose, to engage and ignite, simply by looking, but they can also be used to activate water, food or environments.

Understanding Consciousness

They are not meant to be understood by the mind, they are designed to bypass the querying mind and engage with the cosmic mind, the consciousness within, the ultimate aim being that they aid the body to understand what Consciousness desires to achieve, and integrates the querying mind into the equation.

This process can be instant or it can be (and often is) a gentle unfolding, happening as and when you are ready at a graceful and peaceful pace, such that it may seem like you are simply enjoying a lovely artwork for a while but your engagement with life and its circumstances, over time, will change around you.

Creating the New

Ultimately the reason you incarnated was to create realities, to master creation of your reality, and to remember to create from the new, not from what you have always done. 

These Light Language Artworks offer Consciousness a doorway to integration with the body and the cognitive mind.  Consciousness is Source, and All That Is, once we can get the cognitive mind on board with what Consciousness desires, we can manifest all that is through the physical body. 

These artworks help integrate Consciousness, the cognitive mind and the body into a synergy of creation of the new – new to you, new to Earth, new to the Cosmos – something you may never have thought of, something no one has ever thought of!  Exciting!! 

What more?  What better?  What now?


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