Your life, your reality, is all about context and paradigm.  The context of your reality fuels the paradigm of your belief.

What is context?  Simply put it is the environment of a subject, or the circumstances that form the setting of an idea, subject, event etc – like a painting in an art gallery, the art gallery is the context of the display of the subject (the art).

There is a lot of information around about what is going on in the world – Was it deliberate? Was it natural? Is there a bigger agenda? Is there an end in sight?  If we consider all the information we receive or gather in our endeavors to understand the answers to our questions about life as context, then we subvert the fears and concerns that ignite within us with some of the answers we discover.

It is all just context.

It is all just the setting from which our lives, and our personal power and sovereignty evolves.

Context isn’t control, context is just setting – yes, that exists, that is the context for which ‘event A’ has taken place, but what else is there?  When we remove our laser focus from what we believe is all there is, but is in fact simply context, we become aware of what other aspects of life we have neglected, ignored or missed.  More is happening than our single focus can notice.

When you realise it is context,

you realise the paradigm can shift,

which means your beliefs no longer hold you captive. 

Everything is a belief!

A paradigm is really just a pattern or a model.  So, when we hold beliefs around life, what we are really doing is engaging with life (within our lives) in continuation of our decided paradigm (or experienced paradigm) of life.

Your context needs to be acknowledged and then enhance your view. Yes, ‘that’ exists but as long as I focus only on that I miss whatever else is there – what else is there?

When you look beyond your agreed upon, or even feared, context (conspiracy theories anyone?) you start to note the paradigm you have agreed to and the opportunity to question it, in the clear knowing that there is more, arises.  This is when one is ready to  break it down and create, or notice the avenue, to more.

Beginning with the understanding that you live within the context of what is happening around you, and your engagement with life, and beliefs about what is possible for you, are simply your paradigm for living is a foundational step to engaging the brain with the creation of your desired reality.





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