Energy Medicine – Skype Session

A Skype session is for when you need ‘a little bit of something’ to get past a blockage, lift your mood, or follow your dream etc.

The usual process is, I call you via Skype, at the appointed time, and we have a chat regarding where you are at and what you need help with.  Once the connection has been made the frequency healing and shifting will begin and any belief systems, programs, or blockages that need to be addressed will make themselves known.  I will guide you through what to do and what we are working with.

A Skype session can be used for any condition or concern. It may be 30 minutes on Skype or a shorter time on Skype followed by a mini remote after the call – this is assessed at the time of the call.

Skype sessions are paid for at the time of booking – please use the link below or click here.

30 Minute Skype Session

If you are unsure if a Skype session is right for you, please feel free to contact me and we can see what’s possible.

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