Energy Medicine – Skype Session

A Skype session is for when you are not located in Perth, and would like to connect face-to-face.  These appointments are conducted via skype using energy techniques and frequencies for maximum effect.

The usual process is, I call you via Skype, at the appointed time, and we have a quick catch up regarding where you are at and what you would like to work with.  Once the connection has been made I start doing some frequency work which may require periods of silence as you receive.  I will guide you through what to do and what we are working with.

A Skype session can be used for any condition or concern. It may be 30 minutes on Skype or a shorter time on Skype followed by a mini remote after the call – this is assessed at the time of the call.

Skype sessions are paid for at the time of booking – please use the link below or click here.

30 Minute Skype Session

If you are unsure if a Skype session is right for you, please feel free to contact me and we can see what’s possible.

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