Energy Medicine – Remote Session

A remote session is for when you are not located in Perth, or for some reason are not able to make it to the clinic room.  These appointments are conducted remotely, and are designed to take advantage of the oneness, the quantum field and the zero point to deliver to you the energy and information you need at that time.

A remote session is usually conducted without the aid of either telephone or video link up, however, they can incorporate an initial Skype call.  These sessions are conducted completely remotely and you will be emailed a short (or sometimes long!) report of the most relevant information and suggestions that come through for you during the session.

A remote session can be used for any condition or concern and is often more powerful than an in-person session due to the lack of personality resistance that can occur in response to the introduction of the information, energy and processes during a clinic session.

They are great for when you are not able to make it into the clinic for any reason, they take an hour to an hour and a half and include a channeled report with information for you on the most relevant issues for you right now and how to address them in your life going forward.

Remote sessions are paid for at the time of booking – please use the link below or click here.

If you are unsure if a remote session is right for you, please feel free to contact me and we can see what’s possible.

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