P10009_Creating Opportunities Video


A collection of geometries placed in a video sequence designed to ignite many possibilities and opportunities in your life.


This video has been created to ignite within you permission for, and awareness of, ‘all possibilities and new opportunities’.

I have recently been informed that ‘the geometries are more powerful than you think, and they work especially well in sequences’, so, I have put this sequence together for you guys to try out.

The sequence is basically;

  • Bringing to Presence
  • An ignition of permission
  • opening up to all possibilities and opportunities
  • bringing clarity as to which ones are beneficial for you to follow
  • integrating the information
  • finishing with a dose of pure love

This video is short and powerful!

Try it out a couple of times a day and see what happens in your life.

How does it work?

These artworks are designed for induction to the energy system in various ways, the simplest and most obvious being via the visual pathways.  Simply viewing the artwork that you feel most engaged with, and drawn to, will start the necessary ignition within the cells via the visual pathways; simply put, the visual ignites the pineal which in turn sends the resonance through the spinal pathways and from there (via the energetic grid system) to the necessary area in the energy system for that resonance to do its most beneficial ignition.  Other ways to ignite your system with them are really only limited to your intuition and imagination; try placing them under food, around the house, under your water bottle, etc.  Experiment and see what’s possible!


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