Course: “The Audit”_Your Guides and Guardians




Ever wondered what exactly are your Guides and Guardians?  Who are they?  Are they working for you? With you? Or even, perhaps, against you?  Do they have their own agenda? Then this is the course for you!

This is a short course going into the complex notions of Guides and Guardians and addressing the correct or (potentially) incorrect relationship you may currently have with them that will be leading to your confusion, your fatigue and your life ‘just not working’ how you wish it would!

During this course we will address:

  • What and who are guides and guardians?
  • What’s the point of knowing them?
  • How do they help?
  • How do I address them and call them in?
  • How do I meet them?
  • How do I ensure that I am dealing with benevolent beings with my interests as heart?

This course also includes:

  • a full audit of whom is influencing/aiding you in the unseen and bringing about proper and beneficial relationship with your unseen Guides, Guardian, Helpers and Healers – this is a powerful process!
  • a do-at-home Journey Meditation to meet your Guides and Guardians which can also be used to meet future versions of yourself!


When:  16th July 2022

Time:  10am to 2pm (with a break for integration)

Venue:  Online Skype Group

Investment:  $250

Early Bird Payment (until 9th July 2022):  $195


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