Reality Coaching

Deep Immersion Programme


Returning to peace and finding your way forward in life.
Creating your life with more presence and empowerment than ever before.

The world has changed and is continuing to change.  Certain information, openings and opportunities for healing, awakening and succeeding are now more available than ever.

There is a push, an urge, a drive towards being You, your whole self, your healed self, here, now, in joy, love, success and prosperity that needs to be listened to and honoured.

The sadness, doubt, confusion, worry, irritation or anger you feel is not you – it is the awakening and dawning of the knowledge that there is so much more, that you are so much more and that your life is a pale imitation of what you desire, what you yearn for, what you actually incarnated for.

Welcome to an opportunity for a select few to go on a

deep dive immersion for one month from your own home.

2022 is the time!


January 2022 Intake Now Open: Click Here


2022 is the year where it all starts to come together,
where prosperity, community and sovereignty
begin to merge creating opportunities never thought of before.


You incarnated for the opportunities opening up now here on earth.


This mentorship is your opportunity to deep dive, reset and ignite an engagement with your body, your self and your life that can create a cascade of change and movement to shift your time reality bubble into a more desirable fulfilling and joyful direction.

You will learn some of the secrets about how reality actually functions – beyond the simplistic, superficial and marketing manipulation of most manifestation and spiritual teachings and you will learn how you function within reality, what’s really going on, what’s really holding you back and how to heal it.

It will be your opportunity to hash out your own specific issues as well as learn the bigger picture, your role in it and how to have more autonomy and sovereignty than ever before.

This is a one-on-one and group opportunity to understand how to re-create your life (again and again if you so desire) and will have ongoing effects in your life.  This deep immersion is part philosophy, part esoteric, part personal awakening, part knowledge, part wisdom and all life changing.  The things learned will be the starting point of applying the tools and techniques for life and bringing about the desired change again and again.

There will be weekly group meetings, weekly energy sessions, daily remote sessions, personal one on one time with me, a comprehensive manual, as well as tools and techniques for your personal healing cleansing realignment and awakenment.

You will learn personal and environment cleansing and clearing techniques, personal healing and meditation techniques and gain an understanding of the true multi dimensionality and mutli layering of you and your environment.

This programme is a deep immersion reset, igniting new understandings about and engagements with reality, to heal and invigorate you and your life.

This mentorship/reality coaching program is designed to allow you to clear off the dross, integrate the understandings processes and protocols and emanate a mastery of Self, life and reality allowing co-creation of your dreams and desires like never before.

Aspects covered during this mentorship deep dive:

  • manifestation and co-creation
  • presence, empowerment and sovereignity
  • men, women, relationships and love
  • spiritual hygiene, for the self and environments
  • fueling your drive forward in life
  • creating the life you desire
  • self healing, resolving health issues or states of mind
  • understanding and connecting with guides and guardians
  • revocation, invocation, prayer and meditation
  • esoteric philosophies and understandings of reality
  • techniques and tools for co-creation and change


Intake for January 2022 NOW OPEN

We are taking applications now for the Mentorship Deep Dive experience and would be delighted to receive yours.

The start date for the month long deep dive is 17 January 2022, finishing on 11 February 2021.

This Mentorship Deep Dive is only $3525!

January 2022 Intake Sign Up

The January 2022 intake for this mentorship Reality Coaching deep dive is now open.

This deep dive is done from your home, with remote sessions, video calls, emails, texts and phone calls comprising the bulk of the contact.  There will also be personal one on one time throughout the deep dive.   This is a strictly limited group to allow for one on one time and interaction.


The start date for the month long deep dive is 17/01/22, finishing on 11/02/21.

Please use this form to apply for inclusion in this first intake for the Mentorship Deep Dive experience.

This is a strictly limited size group, so please submit your application for inclusion.

Have You Had Your Application Approved?

Your payment options are below:


Notes and Disclaimers

Pre-Requisites:  You do not need any experience or history in the esoteric, nor in manifestation or energy work – in many ways having a history or education in these things may actually hinder you in letting go some of the set beliefs and understands you already have and disallow a new understanding.  Come with an open mind, come with an exploring spirit, and come with a desire to know more, be more, engage and create more as the sovereign being you were born to be.

Size:  This program is deliberately being kept to an intimate size to allow you to experience one on one support and attention.  Spaces are strictly limited.

Experience:  This program will consist of weekly online teaching sessions, ad hoc personal one on one time, daily remote energy sessions and frequency baths (group), weekly remote sessions (individual) and ad hoc as needed meetings, phone calls, emails and group work.

Deposit:  This mentorship has a non refundable deposit of $525.  This deposit holds your place and guarantees you a spot in the mentorship programme deep dive immersion for 4 weeks.

Refunds:  All payments for this mentorship are non refundable.  Any refunds considered will be at the discretion of Pure Care Wellness or its officers.

Outcomes:  There is no guarantee of any specific outcome from this mentorship and as such there is no refund offered for the student not receiving their hoped for outcome.  What you get from this experience will be reflected by what you put into it.  Having said this, it is structured to aid each individual student by offering them overarching philosophies, esoteric information, protocols and processes as well as a personalized experience that primes and prepares the student for making beneficial changes in their life.

Questions:  If you are unsure if mentorship is for you please contact me.  If you feel you’d like to do the mentorship but have any concerns about any aspect including payment, please contact me and we can see what’s possible.  Contact Me.


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