Energy Medicine – Half Session

A half session is a live, in-person, appointment at my clinic room in Mount Hawthorn, Western Australia.

If you would like to book a half session, please contact me using the Contact Me page, email me at or text me on 0418 602 012.

These session are great for:

  • dealing with a diagnosis or disease
  • creating new opportunities in your life
  • addressing fears, guilt and shame
  • addressing pain, injuries and physical ailments
  • addressing  skin conditions
  • addressing insomnia/fatigue
  • balancing the brain
  • releasing belief systems and programming
  • you can try it on anything really 🙂

Details of a Session

A half session lasts 30-40 minutes, costs $95 and addresses specific concerns and limitations within your system.

Designed to activate and ignite the light body, energy bodies and cells/DNA to bring about coherence, dissolve and resolve the fears, guilt, shame and negative energies keeping you stuck and procrastinating and offer new doorways of opportunity, potentiality, and possibility in your life.

They can be used to address any issue; emotional, spiritual or physical and are an intense and focused way of addressing your vibrational frequency and for changing your reality.


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