Energy Medicine – Full Session

If you would like to book a clinic appointment, please contact me using the Contact Me page, email me at or text me on 0418 602 012.

These sessions are great for;

  • releasing stress and resolving anxiety
  • wholistic energy body harmonising
  • pain and physical ailments
  • dealing with a diagnosis or disease
  • igniting a new you, resolving the past
  • creating new opportunities in your life
  • learning, understanding or mastering manifestation and/or creation in your own life.

What Sort do I Need?

A full session lasts 1hr, and offers an overall ignition of your energy system, addressing specific concerns and limitations within your system.

An in-person session is held at my clinic room in North Perth, Western Australia and includes a Liquid Crystal for homecare.

A remote session is paid for prior to the session and includes a follow up emailed report on what was worked on and discovered.

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