Full Clinic Appointment

A clinic appointment is a live, in person, appointment at my clinic room in North Perth, Western Australia.  

If you would like to book a clinic appointment, please contact me using the Contact Me page, email me at info@purecare.com.au or text me on 0418 602 012.

These sessions are great for;

  • releasing stress and resolving anxiety
  • wholistic energy body harmonising
  • pain and physical ailments
  • dealing with a diagnosis or disease
  • igniting a new you, resolving the past
  • creating new opportunities in your life
  • learning, understanding or mastering manifestation and/or creation in your own life.

Why would I have a full Session?

A full session lasts 1 to 1.5hrs and costs $155.00 and offers and overall ignition of your energy system and addresses specific concerns and limitations within your system.

It is fabulous for transforming your life in so many ways, including looking at:

  • injuries you wish to resolve,
  • a health issue you wish to resolve,
  • a life direction you wish to initiate,
  • igniting your light body,
  • resolving belief patterns or programmes
  • clearing limiting fear, guilt or shame

a clinic session will aid you with all of this – and more!

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